Doug is an Indianapolis native who has been playing guitar for over a decade. His acoustic style ranges from 70's rock to hip hop and R&B. Doug's love for playing guitar began the first time he heard Dave Matthews play live in concert in 2004. Ever since that day, he hasn't stopped playing guitar.

Actually... we should rewind and go back to the year of 1996. Doug was a young 8 year old with major aspirations of becoming a musician. He wanted a guitar for his birthday, and his parents graciously presented him with one, along with lessons at a local music store. Doug worked really really hard at learning to play the guitar, going home every night to practice what his instructor had taught him. Unfortunately, after 2 lessons, Doug was not a master at the guitar, so he quit and traded his guitar to a friend for some baseball cards. Sadly, Doug no longer has those cards.

It wasn't until Doug went to that Dave Matthews Band concert that he decided he wanted to pursue learning the guitar again. He started learning a few chords on his roommate's guitar until he saved up enough to buy his own. Doug was a hit at parties over the next couple months, wowing people with his exceptional ability to play the same 3 chords over and over and over and over...

Eventually, Doug would grow to learn other chords and licks on the guitar, and learned enough material to play his first hour long gig in downtown Indianapolis in the summer of 2012. Performing in front of 6 people (5 of them family) gave Doug such a rush that he wanted to do it again, so he set out to learn as much as he could about playing guitar.

Today, Doug regularly plays around Indianapolis and surrounding areas. You can find him playing with his guitar "Mack" at restaurants in Zionsville, bars on Mass Ave in Indianapolis, or playing on the Monon in Carmel. You may also run into Doug playing at a wedding, bridal shower or corporate event, unless you aren't part of the wedding or don't work for the company that hires Doug to play. Then you probably wouldn't see him play there.

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